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Danish noise/ punk rockers Shocking White has recorded an album of energetic noise rock in the studio Tapetown (Aarhus, Denmark) where producer Rasmus Bredvig caught the raw and organic intensity of the band playing live. 11 songs were recorded over 3 days, which has turned into their so far noisiest and though melodic album to date. Shocking White has been far around. During their three studioalbums and EP, they’ve played everything from energetic postpunk to nihilistic no wave and frothing garagerock, but the noise has always been the backbone of their music. On the band’s fourth album, Ghosting, there is a sharp focus on the noise and the well-written lyrics. Ghosting came into i existence in Tapetown Studios in Aarhus, where bands such as Velvet Volume and The Broken Beats have also recorded. With Rasmus Bredvig behind the controls, the band has made a record where the band’s vision is clear. It consists of eleven songs played with passion and wildness, praised by a hurricane of guitar. Songs that offer new as well as old facet. The energetic noise rock which is the trade mark of the band, can be found on tracks such as Into The Sun and Neon Light Advise, but the band also explores gothic romance on the track Lanugo and experiments with postrock on the grandiose Grandmother Alaska. Lyrically, the songs circle subjects such as fear of death, emotional exchanges and abruptly ending relationships without words. (Hence the title Ghosting)  Shocking White was founded by singer and guitarist Jan Petersen in 2009, and today it also consists of Rune Randlev, the bass player, and the new drummer Marco Bøgehøj. The band made it’s first appearance in 2010 with the album It’s A Sick World... But I Like It! and has since then released the records Piece of Ache (2011) and Reptilize You (2015), along with the EP Alienation (2013). Over the last few years, the band has played all over the country. They have visited venues such as TAPE in Aarhus, 1000Fryd in Aalborg and Råhuset in Copenhagen and has shared the spotlight with norwegian space-rockers Kal-El and the canadian avant-garde punk rockers Alpha Strategy. Through time they have played at festivals such as Recession, Pop Revo and in 2016 they captured the scenes at both Mejlgade for Mangfoldighed and Offspot in Aarhus. “Tweet Scientists” released in May on 7” via the newly founded Copenhagen-based record-label Tigermilk Records, which will, in 2017, release a compilation record of various alternative bands, including Shocking White. In 2016 the “Tweet scientists” single got radio airtime on a french and canadian radiostation (www.kfuel.org og choq.ca), through which the contact with Alpha Strategy came. “Ghosting” will be released in March 25, 2017 as a download via Tapetown Records, and videos for “Far from bloom” and “Ghosting” are currently in the works. • From March 24 the album “Ghosting” can be bought as download here: http://merchcity.com/product/shocking-white-ghosting-download/