MØL – Diorama Instrumental (Vinyl)


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moel-diorama instrumental-vinyl-front-purple
MØL - Diorama Instrumental (Vinyl)  39,73

Instrumental version of the MØL album “Diorama”

About the artwork, words by Jon Gotlev // NOHEROES “It’s all connected. Lines, lines and lines – connecting every thought, emotion, feeling and cause. A kind of disease hiding within the pink abstractions, eroding and turning darker and darker. It’s contrasting complexities of human behaviour. I wanted to go with an abstract, but minimal approach to the front cover as well as the back cover. The contrast between the lines (paths) and the circle abstractions fits the album’s luminous and immersive universe. In the non-figurative artwork lie many shapes and forms, which – together with MØL’s compositions and myriad of feelings – create a perfect symbiosis that carves a path and sets itself in an iconic structure above the connecting worlds.”


1. Fraktur
2. Photophobic
3. Serf
4. Vestige

5. Redacted
6. Itinerari
7. Tvesind
8. Diorama

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