Five Dollar Justice – Filth EP (Download)


Five Dollar Justice - Filth EP (Download)  8,37

The second EP from Danish hard rockers Five Dollar Justice, Filth, invokes a new era for the band with a dirtier, more sleazy sound. It’s a forget-your-seatbelt-and-put-the-pedal-to-the-floor four track ride with catchy riffs, and more power than your grandpa’s Mustang. Basically made for laughs and good times at the local watering hole

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Track list:
1. Light Me Up
2. Demonize
3. Junkie Ballerina
4. Filthy Speed

Studio list:
Drums: Christian Ørting Therkelsen
Bass: Daniel Gleerup Christiansen
Guitar, vocals: Jan Yeoman
Guitar, vocals: Kristian Ehlers
Vocals: Thomas Wittenburg

Mix: Jason Fuller (Goatsound)
Master: Jason Fuller (Goatsound)

Recorded at:
– Death Island Studio (drums), Marco Angioni.
– Swift Justice Studio, Five Dollar Justice

Band: Five Dollar Justice
Title: Filth
Format: EP, digital download & streaming
Genre: Hardrock
Label: Self-release
Release date: 30. august 2018
Cover: Malou Photographic

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