Terms & Conditions for Partners

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge Merch City’s right to conduct business on your behalf regarding sales and logistics towards consumers and businesses. These rights are non-exclusive and may be withdrawn at any time.

Becoming a Merch City partner

To be eligible to become a partner and sell your goods or services on this Website you must register your professional information with VAT-number, name, address and payment details. If you are a Danish citizen and you do not have a VAT-number, please be aware that any income you receive from this platform must be declared as B-income.

Once you have placed your request to become a partner and prepaid your subscription, we will email you the details needed to fill out your partner profile and start selling. Merch City is not liable for any losses due to wrongful information on your profile, so keep it updated at all times.


All consumer prices on this webpage include 25% Danish VAT (moms). Please take the VAT into account when pricing your products. VAT is applicable within the EU. For customers outside the EU, VAT is not shown.

If you do not have a VAT number, or you have a CVR-number that’s not registered with VAT, please be aware that you will receive all payouts exclusive of VAT from Merch City. 

Pricing and fees

Subscription prices and fees may be regulated yearly in January. Any price changes for the coming year will be announced no later than the end of November.
Prices and fees are charged with VAT.

Merch City charges a 20% fee on all products sold on the platform. This covers all other transactional fees by payment gateways and other third party fees unless otherwise specified. Your commission will be tallied by the end of each month, and your receivables set aside on a locked bank account.

Partner-issued discounts and use of coupons

Any customer discounts gained with the use of coupons created by the Partner will be applied after commissions are tallied. Should you choose to discount or give away items from your shop, a 20% handling fee from the prices listed on the website is still applicable.

Commissions, sales status and payouts

You can always check your sales status and commission earnings on your partner dashboard. Should you have any problems with that, you’re welcome to check in with us for a status.

Commissions will usually be displayed accurately to within 24 hours. However, you might experience changes in your commissions if a customer returns an item, or makes a claim. Read more about that in the paragraph on Claims and returns.

Merch City use DKK as main currency. All international orders are handled in EUR. All EUR payments are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates for which Merch City can not be held responsible.

Payouts are made with a minimum of one month buffer period (current month plus one month). This is to ensure that we have enough funds to remedy any and all returns or claims made within the legal time frame for such claims.

Please note: If you do not have a VAT ID or if you reside outside of the EU, your commission receivables and payouts from Merch City will be made without VAT

The minimum amount payable to Danish bank accounts is 500 DKK, and 100 EUR to international accounts. Make sure your account information is correct before requesting a payout.

Fulfillment – Shipping and delivery

Merch City is responsible for fulfillment and shipping of any purchases of your products made by consumers or businesses. Merch City will deliver your products to your customers in accordance to the delivery address entered during check-out. We use different freight forwarders and delivery costs can vary depending on the method of delivery and the character of the order.

We are using different freight forwarders and delivery costs can vary depending on the method of delivery and the character of the order. Further information concerning the delivery costs can be found on www.merchcity.com/shipping. Unless otherwise agreed upon, deliveries are made solely to the countries listed on merchcity.com/shipping.
International standard tracked parcels are not insured. If a parcel goes missing we will try to replace it from your inventory. However, we do not provide any guarantees regarding availability. If no fitting replacement can be found, the purchase will be refunded.

If any of your customers have questions regarding product availability, shipping or returns, please refer them directly to us, instead of acting as middle men. This will ensure the best possible customer experience.

Claims and returns

We operate according to the Danish Sale of Goods Act and the guidelines set out by the Danish Consumer Agency. This means that you must provide a 24 month warranty on faulty goods from the day the consumer receives your item. Merch City operates this warranty for you by handling claims and returns on your behalf.

To comply with the Danish Sale of Goods Act, Merch City has a 14 day refund policy. This means that your customers can return your goods at any point within 14 days of receiving their original order. The entire order, including shipping, is eligible for refunds. Merch City does not cover such refunds. These will be divided and imposed on the implicated partners.

Merch City do not exchange products. If a customer wants a different size or color, they must return the unwanted items and place a new order.

We’re not responsible for any items that are returned to us by mistake.
Please note that Merch City do not cover shipping costs for return goods.

For more information about our return policy please go to Return Policy.

For further information about the 14 day return policy, go to the Danish Competition and Consumer Agency’s website http://www.kfst.dk/Forbrugerforhold

Warranty and liability

Merch City does not guarantee delivery on specific dates. When a delivery date is agreed upon this shall be regarded as a target, which we and our freight forwarders and other subcontractors work towards. Merch City can not be held liable for any missing shipments from third parties.


Merch City membership is subscription-based. When signing up you will be asked to choose between monthly and yearly subscription.


You can cancel your subscription at any time with one months notice by the end of the current month. Products can be taken off your store at any time. Please note that subscriptions are non-refundable.

Merch City reserves the right to cancel your subscription without notice at any time if your account is used to spread hateful content, in case of copyright infringement, or if you otherwise breach these terms and conditions. 


Merch City’s online shop uses secure payment gateways to process transactions. We accept Visa and MasterCard, as well as PayPal for international payment. Your card will be charged when the order is processed and dispatched.
If you are shopping from within the EU, all prices on this website includes 25%VAT. For customers outside the EU, VAT is not shown.

Security and privacy

All communication between our payment system and you as the card holder is made via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL connection). Your account details, email and password are stored securely on our servers. In case of a data breach we will contact you immediately. We encourage you to use unique passwords for all services you access on the Internet.

Merch City partners have access to customer data related to orders containing their sold products such as, but not limited to: order number, name and email address. Partners are responsible for the compliant storage and use of these data in strict accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Merch City shall not be held accountable for any breach of compliance as a result of misuse by a partner.


Your products and provided media may be used for Merch City’s marketing of your products and Merch City services.

Please note that marketing and selling your products is your responsibility. We simply provide the platform and logistics. If you need help with marketing, just get in touch.

Contact and Company Details

Calls us on +45 53 570 670 or email at [email protected]. We are open Monday to Thursday from 9am-3pm. Friday from 9am-2.00pm CET.

Merch City ApS
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DK-8362 Hørning
Mail: [email protected]
Phone +45 53 570 670
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