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The Interbeing – Icon of the Hopeless CD

The Interbeing – Icon of the Hopeless CD


“Icon of the Hopeless” CD in digipack cover.

Strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide.

Signed option is available

To be released November 18th 2022 via Prime Collective


You can now purchase our third album ICON OF THE HOPELESS on CD directly from us in THE INTERBEING.


Track list:

01 Revive

02 Perplexion

03 Black Halo

04 Lies of Descent

05 Synthetic Bloodline

06 Lifeless Decoy

07 Ruin

08 Depressor

09 Eternal Eclipse

10 Icon of the Hopeless

About the album:

ICON OF THE HOPELESS is the 3rd chapter of THE INTERBEING’s dystopian and conceptual venture.

The album is perceived through the eyes of THE INTERBEING and is the conclusion from the 2 previous albums EDGE OF THE OBSCURE and AMONG THE AMOPHOUS.

THE INTERBEING revives from confusion and remembers the betrayal of his creators.

He accepts his destiny to become the ICON OF THE HOPELESS and begins his destructive path of retribution on his treacherous founders. He summons the desolated outcasts from divinity to form his army of dissenters to overthrow the current sinister tyranny.

THE INTERBEING deludes his makers and allures them to welcome him while his legion ambushes the celestial. After facing and dethroning his creators THE INTERBEING forms a new future for him and his profaned brigade in a new domain in rebellion to become the ICON OF THE HOPELESS.



Music by: The Interbeing

Lyrics by: Dara T. Corcoran

Produced by: The Interbeing

Mix and Master by: Jacob Hansen (Hansen Studios)

Artwork by: Stuz0r

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