Mother Of All – Global Parasitic Leviathan (Vinyl)


This will be released April 12, 2024.

The religions of old have been replaced by the religion of self-interest.

The Global Parasitic Leviathan. This is the social contract of our time.
The upcoming album ‘Global Parasitic Leviathan’ is death metal with progressive elements with varied and eclectic songs.

This album features a strong new line up, with members from bands Afsky, Lamentari, Chaoswave, Timechild and Withering Surface.

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mother of all-global parasitic leviathan-vinyl-front
Mother Of All - Global Parasitic Leviathan (Vinyl)  28,38

Global Parasitic Leviathan
1 Cosmic Darkness
2 Corporate Warfare Leviathan
3 The Stars Already Faded
4 Hypocrisy: Weaponized
5 Debt Crush
6 Merchants Of Self-Loathing
7 Monuments
8 Pillars
Music and Lyrics
Martin Haumann
Arranged by Mother Of All
Vocals and Drums
Martin Haumann
Guitars and Lead Guitars
Henrik Rangstrup
Michael Møller
Additional Guitar
Frederik Øgaard Jensen
Mix and Master
Marco Angioni
with Martin Haumann

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 5 cm