MØL – I/II (CD Digipack)


I/II is the collection of our two first EPs in a CD digipak release.

Namely the selfitled “møl” from July 2014 and “II” from November 2014. Remastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt.

Selftitled “møl” was originally DIY recorded in Aarhus. Mix and master by Maximilian Forst of Forester Recording Studio. The second EP “II” had drums recorded at Dead Rat Studio, Aarhus. All other instruments DIY. Mix by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studio. Mastering by
Brad Boatright.

1. Sundrowned
2. Airy
3. Makhachkala
4. Kathexis
5. Atacama
6. Rush

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Shoegaze, Metal

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Holy Roar Records