livlos drenched in beard oil
LIVLØS – Drenched in Beard Oil
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LIVLØS – Drenched in Beard Oil


Livløs’ Beard oil consists of organic, coldpressed and 100% natural ingredients that provides your beard with everything it needs to grow healthy and strong for the moshpit!

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Drenched in Beard Oil is a collaboration between Livløs and Nordic Grooming, who’s been producing organic beard care, of exquisite quality, for years.
“Aside from smelling great, beard oil is an essential part of growing a beard, massive or not!
Just because you’re a metalhead doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your beard and this oil is a beast – give it a try!”
-Franz Posch

The Oil base consists of coldpressed argan and jojoba oil, which has been used in haircare for centuries. We also added apricot seed oil, which adds moisture, while having a proven effect on several common skin-issues.
The band recommends 2-6 drops once or twice daily, depending on the beard. Be sure to heat the oil between your palms and distribute evenly before combing/brushing through.
Beard oil is always recommended after showering, as the hot water rinses natural oils and can leave the beard frail.
For Drenched in Beard Oil we handpicked the very best ingredients, bought in Denmark by trusted suppliers. Due to this you’ll notice a much shorter list of ingredients than many other oils – simply put; because we don’t need a bunch of chemicals.

Based off of the Livløs track, Drenched in Turmoil, from our previous album – the signature beard oil is available for purchase here as well in our merch-stand as we tour. Horns up metalheads – we’ll see you on the road!

List of ingredients:
Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Seed Oil, Kernel Seed Oil, Vitamin-E, Essential Oils. 
May contain traces of nuts. 

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