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NEW ALBUM from Idaslet – “Nu Skrider Dagen Under”

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Idaslet - Nu Skrider Dagen Under (CD)  14,19

The second album from folkmetal band Idaslet.

“Nu Skrider Dagen Under” is named after the work of Danish painter L. A. Ring, which makes up the cover of the album.
After witnessing his brother’s death, Ring was seized by a cynical approach to existence and religion, and his works were grasped by a dark atmosphere.
Similarly, Idaslet’s songwriting has evolved in a heavier, darker, and more aggressive direction while maintaining its roots in folk metal, incorporating Nordic mythology and folk melodies.
The tracklist includes 8 original songs, along with a single interpretation of a legendary folk song that has been overlooked in the folk metal genre.

01: Efter Solnedgang / Intro
02: Ære Oder Dodt
03: Spirets Tone
04: Salens Kor
05: I Gården sagte
06: Afdøbt
07: Kæmpens Ni Spørgsmål
08: Balders død
09: Ragnarok

Album Length: 32:34min
Label: Independent

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