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Frederik Magle - Anastasis-Messe (CD) - SIGNED  21,28

This is an autographed version of Anastasis-Messe, by composer, organist and entrepreneur Frederik Magle, is a monumental and very contemporary bid for an old classically rooted music form: The mass.

An epic musical tale that let us enter Magle’s amazing universe with bright heavenly women voices, deep electronic sounds from both wind and string instruments, rousing drummer sounds, a terrific sound of Didgeridoo, bringing the mind to the Aborigines from Australia, a contemporary sound of rock music’s specific characteristics with drum kit and electric guitar: all this combined into powerful music that strives for all corners of the world.

It is an intoxicating sound universe put into the Danish high-mass form. Listeners are being led on a safe and warm journey to experience music where past and present reach each other – one has simply become another after the meeting with the Anastasis-Messe.

A Danish masterpiece created for today’s people.

Track list:
1. Prolog: “Post-Zarathustra” [1:48]

2. Præludium [4:06]

3. “Dolorem” [1:33]

4. “Tenebrae-Lux Aeterna” [6:07]
(Maleen Lundvig, sopran)

5. “Interludium” for klaver og orgel [4:33]
(Nicolai Kjølsen, klaver)

6. “Opstandelse” (over “Krist stod op af døde”) [4:21]
(Hareskov Kirkes Elitekor / Martin Petersson, trommer)

7. Velsignelse [1:17]
(Fritze Steiner-Johnsen, præst)

8. “Amen” [2:09]
(Hareskov Kirkes Elitekor)

9. Postludium: “Didgeridoo – Ite missa est” [7:22]
(Hareskov Kirkes Elitekor / Rasmus Toftlund, guitar / Martin Petersson, trommer)

10. Epilog: “Lux Aeterna” [3:19]
(Maleen Lundvig, sopran)

Cover image: Detail from the painting “L’arbre Rouge de ma Mere” by Maria Dubin.
Mix and mastering by Rasmus Toftlund, Fast Beat Studio.
Recorded in Sankt Pauls Kirke, Copenhagen and Fast Beat Studio February-November 2017.

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