The Zero Point – Shameless Selfpromotion (CD)


THE ZERO POINT er et af Aarhus (og dermed Danmarks) første og længst levende punk rock bands. Oprindelig dannet i 1979. På pladen her er det 2009 udgaven af bandet du får.

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BIG CHEESE MAGAZINE (U.K.) skrev: I only clocked them live for the first time last year, and was impressed with their hard-hitting brand of tuneful street punk, and that´s just what you get from the veterans on this new album.

Englske VIVE LE ROCK! skrev: It´s hard to argue with punk that has this much passion and power. A little Self-promotion never hurt anyone when the product´s this good.

METALIZED: Bandets sammenspil er solid og et par lysår længere fremme end mange andre punk bands.

Track list:

1.  We Are The Zero´s

2. Shitfaced In A Spitfire

3. Down To The Underground

4. Seize The Day………. Motherfuckers!

5. The Ardbeg Song

6. I Want More

7. Sick Of Me

8. Big Noise

9. Life´s A Bitch And Then You Die

10. Oath

11. Chinese Rocks

Udgivet på Tyske Impact Records.

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