Mikkel Riber – Music For Bass (CD)
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Mikkel Riber – Music For Bass (CD)


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Music for bass?

This music really has everything and nothing to do with bass. On one hand every single sound here has been produced on electric bass. On the other hand it’s a collection of tunes, moods and soundscapes to keep you company while you’re working, relaxing, travelling or just generally going about your business. It’s as deep, calm and comforting as it is present, spontaneous and groovy. Listen to it intensively or let it discretely lift and soothe you.

1. Taking Ages
2. Olympic Rings
3. A Walk Across The Sand
4. Landscape Portrait (for Rick)
5. Sixty-five Precisely
6. Faux Monty
7. Don’t Fret
8. Goldie
9. First Things Last
10. One Black Ray
11. Real Meat Cheap Kraut

Composed & performed by Mikkel Riber @ TigerFox
Co-mixed & mastered by Boe Larsen @ MillFactory Studios
Cover painting: “Lytteren” (The listener) by Nils Brakchi

Release: 2017

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