Wayward Dawn

About Wayward Dawn

Wayward Dawn plays intense and relentless death metal with a massive sound barrier of double bass pedals, heavy guitars played through classic Marshall amps, and a vocal that goes from abysmal growls to rancid and rotten screams. The musical specter spans broadly with inspiration from both old school and modern death metal, and the menu consists of fast tremolo-picking and blastbeats, slow and hard-hitting passages, and epic choruses. The lyrical universe features themes such as humanity and society seen from a nihilistic point of view.

The band has, among other things, played at Aalborg Metal Festival, supported bands like Nailed to Obscurity (DE), Jinjer (Ukraine), BAEST (DK) and Red Warszawa (DK) and is known for its hyperenergetic live shows with constant use of the windmill headbanging technique and manic interaction with the audience. Wayward Dawn was in the studio with Jacob Bredahl in Dead Rat Studio in March 2018 and releases their upcoming debut album on August 31st 2018.



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