Ethereal Kingdoms

About Ethereal Kingdoms

Copenhagen-based symphonic metal project. Elegant vocal lines, headbangable and aggressive riffs and intricate orchestrations explore contrasts and tension in the sound, which is Ethereal Kingdoms. The project draws upon inspirations from acts such as Wintersun, Kamelot, Amorphis, Sonata Arctica and other nordic sounds. Catchy melodies, nostalgic vibes, odd harmonic language and aggressive emotions is rendered into in soundscapes ranging from wispy and frail to massive and overpowering.

Ethereal Kingdoms is vocalist and composer Sofia Schmidt, guitarist and composer Christian Christiansen (Fall of Pantheon, The Vision Ablaze), guitarist Christian Christiansen (Sylvatica, Dreadlord), bassist Jakob Holm (Fall of Pantheon) and drummer Jon Elmquist Schmidt.



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